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They are composed of an extendable mast, long load platform, a stand-up operator platform, and a load former, which defines the volume over a portion of the load platform to guide the operator and stabilize the load on the platform. Read More…

Order Picker Trucks Order picker trucks are designed to retrieve items on or near the ground level directly from a storage area.

As a 30-year-old material handling distributor of fork lift trucks, used lift truck equipment, narrow aisle trucks and more, AJ Jersey® has material handling solutions. We offer electric lift trucks, walkie pallet jacks, rider pallet trucks, deep reach trucks, stock pickers and rental trucks.

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Materials handling is more than just handling materials. And no one knows that better than Andersen & Associates, with over 50 years' expertise developing and deploying custom material handling solutions for the world's most trusted companies. No matter what industry you're in, we can provide you with lift trucks, fleet management, integrated systems and storage solutions that will satisfy.

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Since 1978, Forklift Systems has grown from only 3 employees in a 4,500 sq. ft. building to a leader in sales, parts, service and rental of forklift trucks and other industrial equipment. We represent more than 12 major brands, including Nissan. New and used forklifts, forklift attachments and more.

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Our global network lets our product reach customers in a short time and our sales people are specialists in industrial trucks. Choose from turret truck models for high lift narrow aisles, electric-powered pallet trucks, center-ride pallet trucks, diesel and electric counterbalanced forklifts.

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Reno Forklift specializes in the distribution of industrial material handling equipment and systems. Products include pallet racks, shelving, conveyor systems, dock equipment, workstations, work benches, scales, balers & compactors, wrapping equipment, strapping equipment, in-plant offices, cabinets, forklifts, utility vehicles, pallet jacks, lifts, elevators, cranes and hoists.

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Order picker trucks are designed to retrieve items on or near the ground level directly from a storage area. An order picker truck is a type of narrow aisle forklift, operating in aisles less than 6 feet wide. It is able to move racked loads smaller than the pallet size among shelves and storage units. Order picker trucks are a useful vehicle for keeping stored goods and materials in order and organized.

7-Series Order Picker Order Picker Trucks - Toyota Material Handling USA, Inc.

They are used widely in material handling applications due to their capacity for heavy and awkward loads, and for the efficiency which they add to warehouses, storage facilities, manufacturing and construction sites and more. Most order picker trucks are composed of an extendable mast, long load platform, a stand-up operator platform, and a load former. The load former defines the volume over a portion of the load platform to guide the operator and stabilize the load on the platform.

These are the basic components required in order to perform picking and moving duties. Most order picker trucks have recently become electric due to newer emission standards as electric forklifts do not require fuels to power the vehicle although propane, diesel and gasoline trucks are still widely used.

The typical weight capacity for order picker trucks is 3500 pounds, although, as with other types of industrial trucks, this can be adjusted according to application. The operator compartment in order picker trucks rises vertically simultaneously with the fork, which facilitates manual loading and unloading from storage rack systems. The lift needs to be fabricated from durable and long-lasting materials in order to withstand the tensile stress it experiences during normal operations.

The height of the vertical lift affects the stability of the vehicle and even though they are able to lift pallets up to 40 feet in the air, most order picker trucks will become unstable at the maximum height. Operator safety is a primary concern of any manufacturing facility and forklift trucks need to be operated by trained personnel exercising caution. On the truck, the load platform and fork are independent of each other, but both travel vertically and are controlled by a control panel run by the truck operator.

Some operating compartments are considered a cabin, which has a roof, while others merely have a standing platform. Both of these often have anti-fatigue flooring, which helps operators work while standing for longer periods of time. Pneumatic tires may also be added to a forklift to improve the traction of the vehicle and the comfort of the ride for the operator.

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